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About Google Secrets

Google Secrets is the complete how-to guide for getting your website ranked in the top 10 on the Google search engine. It pulls timely information from a variety of sources into one end-to-end process that has been proven to work in getting top 10 rankings on Google.

Google Secrets is geared for the webmaster, Internet marketer, or do-it-yourself business site owner. It explains how to do it, not just why, and is packed full of tips, best practices, checklists, and samples to assist you every step of the way.

You will learn the top 5 things that Google looks for, how to determine which search terms are popular on Google, how to estimate the daily traffic you could receive from Google beforehand, what the most important areas are on your web pages and how to optimize them for Google. In addition, you will learn how to get other sites to link to you, as well as how to set up and manage an ongoing reciprocal link campaign.

A top 10 listing on Google has the potential to bring more traffic to your site than all the other search engines combined. Google Secrets provides a step-by-step formula written in terms anyone with a basic familiarity of HTML and web pages can understand, and comes with a year of free updates available through their website as well.

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